What people say about Dorrie.

We have been fortunate to acquire several of Dorrie’s paintings, and they grace the walls of our home. We have also given them to friends as gifts. One hangs in a friend’s home on Seabrook Island, SC, and another, in a three-story beach house on Emerald Island, NC. They add warmth and beauty to every place they adorn. Great works by a great person!


I would like to say a few words about Dorrie. My painting experience is extensive because for several years I hosted workshops for instructors from all over the country. I knew Dorrie’s and I was going to ask her to teach for me, but circumstances had me close my door.

Then I took online classes from Dorrie. WOW! The best experience with a watercolor instructor ever! Fun, knowledgeable, precise instructions and the process left me with paintings that I didn’t know I could do.

Dorrie is the best !!!❤️

On-Line Workshop

Dorrie is my favorite watercolor teacher ever. She is not only a exciting artist, she is a wonderful teacher. She does demonstrations in small bites, then walks around to answer questions and give recommendations. She often helps me turn one of my mistakes into a creative opportunity. Whatever the result of my painting efforts, I never come away without having learned something unexpected and frequently exhilarating. When I look through several years worth of paintings, I understand how what she taught me lingers, and how I continue to think about my work differently because of her.

Watercolor Class