What people say about Dorrie.

Dorrie teaches by integrating and emphasizing design, composition,value, color, contrast and negative space. She allows students to apply these elements to their own work during her classroom work and assignments.

She has a relaxed and enjoyable style of communication and she is always positive and encouraging.

Watercolor Class

Dorrie Rifkin is an accomplished and award-winning artist who shares her knowledge and talents with her students. Since taking Dorrie‘s class, my level of work has improved tenfold. She’s fun and comes to class well prepared to teach color, technique, tools, and much more.

Watercolor Class

Dorrie and your teaching style- you changed my perspective of myself- (single-handedly)! I am forever in her debt!!

Watercolor Class

Dorrie meets you where ever you are in your watercolor journey. From that standpoint she shows you what’s possible for you to accomplish.  I have the impression that she’s actually inside my head.  That’s what I call “scary brilliant.

On-Line Workshop

Unique, creative, patient, supportive, positive, warm, caring  and encouraging.
Dorrie breaks down a project into smaller segments making it easier to master one baby step at a time.

Dorrie is more concerned with the process and not necessarily with the product.
Her demonstrations are clear and easy to follow the creative process .

On-Line Workshop

A class from Dorrie is fun – playtime…but when you are done – oh my, look at all you learned. Dorrie provides inspiration, how-to’s, critiques…and you grow!

On-Line Workshop

Dorrie’s classes are taught with humor, self deprecation and lots of talent. She is patient, quirky and an amazingly skilled artist. It is always a fun learning experience.

Watercolor Class

I would like to say a few words about Dorrie. My painting experience is extensive because for several years I hosted workshops for instructors from all over the country. I knew Dorrie’s and I was going to ask her to teach for me, but circumstances had me close my door.

Then I took online classes from Dorrie. WOW! The best experience with a watercolor instructor ever! Fun, knowledgeable, precise instructions and the process left me with paintings that I didn’t know I could do.

Dorrie is the best !!!❤️

On-Line Workshop

Dorrie is my favorite watercolor teacher ever. She is not only a exciting artist, she is a wonderful teacher. She does demonstrations in small bites, then walks around to answer questions and give recommendations. She often helps me turn one of my mistakes into a creative opportunity. Whatever the result of my painting efforts, I never come away without having learned something unexpected and frequently exhilarating. When I look through several years worth of paintings, I understand how what she taught me lingers, and how I continue to think about my work differently because of her.

Watercolor Class

Dorrie is an impressive artist. She continues to develop her style, so I’ve had to buy additional paintings! They make excellent gifts. I always receive my art right away, packaged very, very carefully. Dorrie’s also a good and fun person, and I’m proud to know her.

Collector from Etsy - https://dfrdesign.etsy.com

Love this artist and would give her 10 stars if I could. This is my fifth purchase and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you Dorrie..


I just love a watercolor I purchased from Dorrie of a ukelele, from a series of paintings of stringed instruments that she did. It reminded me to have fun — I am an amateur watercolor artist myself — during chemotherapy treatment. I had been following her career for over two years and enjoyed watching her success, after I first saw, in a Transparent Watercolor Society show, her painting of Lincoln Center. I would have bought it, but it was unfortunately already sold. She shares herself though her paintings. I love the colors and subjects. She is an inspiration to me, I still am having fun with watercolor, and I love living with a little bit of her spirit in my home.


Dorrie’s watercolors are alive. There is a depth that takes you into her vision. Dorrie was able to bring MY vision to life through a commissioned piece. I was invited to go along for the ride as the work progressed. It was a delightful experience. The finished painting will be cherished.


Dorrie’s work is so inviting. I own two pieces…The Farm which takes me right back to my grandparents home, where my dad grew up, and Somewhere In Carolina, which is a beautiful boat scene – so appropriate for a Long Island girl who lives 10 minutes from the water. The colors and images transport me to a different place, and these pieces always make me smile.


We have been fortunate to acquire several of Dorrie’s paintings, and they grace the walls of our home. We have also given them to friends as gifts. One hangs in a friend’s home on Seabrook Island, SC, and another, in a three-story beach house on Emerald Island, NC. They add warmth and beauty to every place they adorn. Great works by a great person!

I have known Dorrie Rifkin, and her work, for decades. I have always admired her watercolors, she has a unique style that is instantly recognizable. I recently asked her to do a “portrait” of our house, and it is beautiful, really capturing it as a place of living, rather than just a building. I showed it to someone before it was even framed: he remarked the painting really reflected tree branches and boughs in a way he hadn’t seen before. If she posts the painting with this, you’ll see what he meant. Her work strikes me as a sort of realistic impressionism.
I have several of her works, including Boston Harbor in fog. Fog is about as fleeting and ethereal as you can get: Dorrie nails it.  When I look at it, I can hear the fog horns, and the sailboat halyards slapping on their masts. Her paintings evoke feelings and observations not present in a photograph, as  great paintings do.
Jim and Mary's House
Jim Schwartz, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

I am absolutely thrilled with my new Pez watercolor print. As a collector of vintage Pez dispensers, this amazing artwork is beautiful and extremely unique. Thank you for the unexpected gift as well. I am so touched with your kindness. I highly recommend purchasing from this site. Awesome seller. Fast shipping and packaged with care. I’m looking forward to my next purchase. Thank you again!

Collector from Etsy - https://dfrdesign.etsy.com

Fabulous color and depth. I always love opening the envelope to get the first glimpse of one of her new paintings.

Collector from Etsy - https://dfrdesign.etsy.com