About Purchasing Art

How artwork is priced:
Paintings’; prices are based on variables that include size, awards received, and degree of detail. The watercolor process – and, hence, the work – starts when I take photos, continues during designing in Photoshop and in a detailed drawing. Only then do I paint. A painting can take from one hour to three months to complete.

New opportunities:
I am always looking for new opportunities for painting, teaching and art directing. I am available for demos, workshops, and even lunch. If you have any suggestions for paintings or are interested in a commission, please contact me drifkin@dorrierifkin.com.

How to purchase original artwork:
If you are interested in purchasing any art that you see on my website or would like me to do an original.. contact me directly at drifkin@dorrierifkin.com.  

How to purchase prints:
I have an on-line shop at Etsy — “the world’s handmade marketplace” — an electronic craft store that showcases wondrous work from extremely talented artists. Check Etsy out, and check often. If you don’t find the print you want at my shop, but like my work, please don’t be shy about contacting me.

Buy Art at Etsy