Simply amazing work. The style and subject just click. Buy with abandon!

D from Kansas Etsy

Beautiful prints at exceptional prices; I really love Dorrie’s style of painting, and am so glad she shares her work… I feel as though I now have 3 little masterpieces to add to my walls. Thank you!

L from Colorado Etsy

I was lucky to discover Dorrie Rifkin’s website and find paintings that touched my heart. I am an amateur painter and my dream is to meet Dorrie and take one of her classes if she comes to the West coast. I love her style, a mix of architectural detail with free brush strokes and a color palette that reminds me of Monet. I have bought several paintings for my family and have a special place in my new home for one of her watercolors. I believe we buy art that we can live with like a part of our heart, something that speaks to us.

Dorrie’s art work is a treasure.

Liz from California Artwork

Dorrie’s work is sensitive and intimate. Her artwork is like an old friend that you cherish and are always happy to see time and again. That’s how we feel about her work that is gracing our home. Always happy to see it.

Alexandria from New Jersey Glicee Prints

We have been fortunate to acquire several of Dorrie’s paintings, and they grace the walls of our home. We have also given them to friends as gifts. One hangs in a friend’s home on Seabrook Island, SC, and another, in a three-story beach house on Emerald Island, NC. They add warmth and beauty to every place they adorn. Great works by a great person!

Marty from North Carolina Watercolors

I just love a watercolor I purchased from Dorrie of a ukelele, from a series of paintings of stringed instruments that she did. It reminded me to have fun — I am an amateur watercolor artist myself — during chemotherapy treatment. I had been following her career for over two years and enjoyed watching her success, after I first saw, in a Transparent Watercolor Society show, her painting of Lincoln Center. I would have bought it, but it was unfortunately already sold. She shares herself though her paintings. I love the colors and subjects. She is an inspiration to me, I still am having fun with watercolor, and I love living with a little bit of her spirit in my home.

Barb from Illinios Watercolors

Dorrie’s watercolors are alive. There is a depth that takes you into
her vision. Dorrie was able to bring MY vision to life through a
commissioned piece. I was invited to go along for the ride as the
work progressed. It was a delightful experience. The finished painting
will be cherished.

Debra B from New Jersey Commission

Dorrie’s work is so inviting. I own two pieces . . .The Farm which takes me right back to my grandparents home, where my dad grew up, and Somewhere In Carolina, which is a beautiful boat scene – so appropriate for a Long Island girl who lives 10 minutes from the water. The colors and images transport me to a different place, and these pieces always make me smile.

Lori from New York Watercolors