Peters Valley School of Craft – (5 Day Watercolor Workshop)

  • 19 Kuhn Road, Layton, NJ 07851

Watercolor Painting: Compose, Draw and PAINT (5 Day Workshop)

If you always wanted to try your hand at watercolors, but didn’t know where to begin, this is the workshop for you. And if you’re not a beginner, join us to strengthen your design skills and take your paintings to the next level. This workshop will cover equally the steps of designing, drawing, and painting. Participants will learn to create strong compositions, execute a solid underlying sketch, draw typography, and paint effectively. Students will paint from both photographs and — weather permitting — the environs, as we will avail ourselves of Delaware Water Gap area scenery.

Student Expertise Level: Beginners – Advanced
Date: August 22-26, 2014
Studio/Materials Fee: $5.00
Location: Peters Valley School of Craft, 19 Kuhn Road, Layton, NJ 07851
Contact: Jennifer Apgar
Website: Peters Valley School of Craft