I met Dorrie Rifkin a few years ago through CAA – Community Arts Association in Bergen County, NJ. I was in awe of her watercolor painting of sunbathers with umbrellas that was on display at one of our monthly meetings. Since then, I’ve gotten to know Dorrie and took a painting workshop and painted beer bottles – what else! Dorrie has a unique style of painting; her command of colors of loose approach make her a standout. She is a wonderful instructor and a friendly person! Thanks Dorrie.

C from New Jersey Workshop Attendee

A few years ago I observed and admired Dorrie’s watercolor paintings online and I was so excited to learn that she was teaching at Paramus Community School. Why wouldn’t I welcome the opportunity to learn from one of the best watercolorists around! Her demonstrations include many subjects and techniques and I have learned so much from them. I have been attending her classes for almost two years now and I look forward to each and every class!

M from New Jersey Student

Dear Dorrie,

I just wanted to thank you for providing me with an opportunity to express myself through watercolor! I have never painted before, and was welcome into the class with open arms!

It’s a fun, relaxing class that I look forward to. I have learned so much, while enjoying myself immensely.
Thank you!

C. from New Jersey Student

I had been looking a long time for a good instructor in watercolor painting.  My wife Jane was also interested and she discovered Dorrie Rifkin’s watercolor classes.  We immediately signed up.  Before working with Dorrie we had not put brush to paper in several decades and we were very apprehensive to start.  Dorrie gave us encouragement which helped get us right down to business.  We learned about composition, color mixing and the application of light and dark values and many other intangible things.  There was never a boring moment in any of her classes and we were always disappointed when it was time to leave.  On a more personal note, Dorrie made me a better artist for having met her.

Anthony from New Jersey Student