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Watercolor Painting: Compose, Draw and PAINT (2 Day Workshop) New York Buildings – 1 and 2 Point Perspective

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Perspective Can be Fun!

Wallkill River School of Art Final Demo
“New York Buildings – One and Two Point Perspective” will be the theme for this workshop. This workshop will cover equally the steps of design, drawing, and painting. Participants will learn to create strong compositions, execute a solid underlying sketch, and draw and paint buildings, effectively. Expect to learn while having fun through demonstration, exercises, and individual instruction and encouragement.

Day 1:
Drawing and painting exercises. Participants will never be scared by 1 and 2 point perspective again. You will also learn the importance of design and layout.

Day 2: Spend the day painting a cityscape.
Students can use a reference photo taken by the instructor or bring their own.

We recommend that you attend both days of the workshop, but each workshop is set up each day as an individual lesson.

Workshop Dates: Fridays Sept 16, 23
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Price: $180.00 for two-day workshop

Single Day: ($95.00) 

Expertise Level: Beginners – Advanced
Location: The Wallkill River School of Art, Patchett House ,232 Ward St (17k), Montgomery, NY 12549

Artists will supply their own materials.

I met Dorrie Rifkin a few years ago through CAA – Community Arts Association in Bergen County, NJ. I was in awe of her watercolor painting of sunbathers with umbrellas that was on display at one of our monthly meetings. Since then, I’ve gotten to know Dorrie and took a painting workshop and painted beer bottles – what else! Dorrie has a unique style of painting; her command of colors of loose approach make her a standout. She is a wonderful instructor and a friendly person! Thanks Dorrie.

C from New Jersey Workshop Attendee

I thought it was a great workshop, and I learned a lot.
Here’s what I especially learned:
1. Using masses of shapes
2. Mixing basic three colors to get other colors for color unity rather than relying on 10 different watercolor tubes
3. the grid
4. using hats and sunglasses
5. not drawing necks!
Thank you and all the best!

Peter from New York Workshop Attendee

I never miss attending Dorrie’s workshops when she’s in New Jersey. She’s experienced, knowledgeable in her field, and her easy-going manner, makes it easy for participants to enjoy a fun learning experience.

Lois from New Jersey Workshop Attendee

Hi Dorrie,

Your instruction was extremely helpful. Never would I have thought of starting with the figures in the foreground, but I now understand that they set the tone and feeling for the rest of the painting.

I realize my touch was on the light side but wasn’t sure where I was being led to in the painting. Layers of glazes do make a lot of sense for city and landscapes.

Thank you again for being so free in giving advice and instruction. I know I’ll being able to put it all to good use.

S from New Jersey Workshop Attendee

Dorrie’s has a friendly and informal approach to teaching which takes the pressure off, allowing her workshop attendees the freedom to fearlessly explore new and exciting techniques in design and creativity.

Nora from New Jersey Workshop Attendee